War tactics: False ventilation constructed in a bunker in Normandy. Surprise grenade!

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World War II was a time of technological advances and increasingly lethal strategies. But in Normandy, the builders of a bunker had a lethal technique to deceive their enemies: distraction.

It turned out that the bunker had a hole disguised as an air vent, which looked like the perfect place for an advancing enemy to throw a grenade. But instead of exploding inside the bunker, the grenade fell through a small tube and slid to the assailant’s feet.

What a neat trick! It’s like an episode of Tom and Jerry, where Tom the cat shoots himself in the face by pointing a rifle at a hole in the wall.

Instagram user @NormandyBunkers has posted a video demonstrating how the anti-grenade trick works. “If anyone throws a grenade through the vents, they’re in for a surprise!” the caption reads. Watch out for that bunker!

But what about the history behind this bunker and other WWII-related sites in Normandy? @NormandyBunkers takes us on a fascinating journey through the history and architecture of Norman landmarks associated with the war.

According to the account managers, his interest in World War II sites in Normandy began with a friend who owns a bunker complex behind Utah Beach. Since then, they have amassed more than 40,000 photos, videos and drone shots of D-Day landing beaches, Normandy bunker sites and beyond.

It is interesting to see how the war drove creativity and innovation in fortification construction, and how the builders of this particular bunker used distraction as a tool to protect themselves. What other nifty tricks will Instagram user @NormandyBunkers discover. @NormandyBunkers on his journey through WWII sites in Normandy? Stay tuned!

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