Pikachu exists and lives in Australia

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Pokémon catches? Well, grab your Pokéball and the next flight to Australia: a real-life Pikachu has been spotted in Melbourne, Australia, although it’s actually a very rare and adorable yellow marsupial.

The calf, about five months old, was found on the ground by a concerned citizen who took it to the Boronia Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital (BVCAH) in Melbourne.

It belongs to a species of pokemon…sorry a species of possum known as brushtail posum, but pikachu is special its bright orange-yellow fur makes it unique and they are usually called “golden possums”.

Brushtail Posum are usually grayish in color, but little Pikachu has a genetic mutation that causes her to lack melanin, the pigment responsible for dark eye, hair and skin color in humans.

After being examined by veterinarians, the hatchling was placed under the care of a wildlife caretaker, as its striking color makes it especially vulnerable to predators, such as owls, and Pokémon hunters.

Because the possums’ territoriality makes them difficult to release and their bright coloration increases their vulnerability, they were moved to a wildlife sanctuary where they live happily. In any case, it is hoped that it will not end up trapped in a Pokéball and fighting a Dragonite.

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