New options in Google Workspace for your writing

Google Workspace has received new features based on generative Artificial Intelligence, while other productivity suites are adding new tools to help users simplify their tasks.

Thus, following the visual redesign of Google Docs and the announcement of Google Bard, these new AI features are the latest attempt by the company to add innovations to its most popular applications.

New features of Google Workspace with AI

Nuevas opciones en Google Workspace para sus redacciones

Among the new features introduced by Google Workspace, we can highlight:

  • Draft, reply, summarize, and prioritize your Gmail
  • Brainstorm, review, write, and rewrite in Documents
  • Bring your creative vision to life with automatically generated images, audio, and video in Presentations
  • Transform raw data into insights and analysis through autocomplete, formula generation, and contextualization
  • Categorization in Sheets
  • Generate new backgrounds and take notes in Meet
  • Enable workflows to get things done in Chat

All these announcements were made by Google on March 14, where it assured that the AI support boundary will cover its Workspace suite. It will also have support for Gmail, Docs, Slides, Meet, and Chat.

Support for Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and more

Nuevas opciones en Google Workspace para sus redacciones

The multitude of writing-based functions will initially be available to a set of English-based evaluators in the United States throughout the year and will later be made public.

Just like other AI generators, users will be able to input their messages within the workspace. Whether it’s in Docs or Gmail, for example, AI will take care of completing it. Google uses examples that include “a busy HR professional who needs to create custom job descriptions, or a parent drafting an invitation for their child’s pirate-themed birthday party.”

Thus, Google reiterates that its AI options are intended to be used as assistants and not as replacements for human functions.

A new company that embraces the future of artificial intelligence and adds it to its most popular programs. We just have to wait for its public release to see if it proves to be a truly useful tool with the ability to simplify all our work.


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