Giraffe unique in the world for being spotless is born in a zoo in the U.S.

A spotless giraffe has been born at a zoo in Tennessee, United States, making it the “World’s Rarest Giraffe,” the zoo reported. Adorable photos from Brights Zoo show the baby giraffe with a solid brown coat instead of the brown spots that are iconic on these tall animals.

Giraffe experts believe it is the only solid-colored reticulated giraffe on the entire planet. Reticulated giraffes, one of several giraffe species, are endangered.

These animals live in the wild in East Africa and typically have a coat with “large brown spots in the shape of polygons on a creamy white background, a pattern unique to each individual,” according to the Denver Zoo.

Brights Zoo announced that it welcomed its baby giraffe in late July. Although the wildlife park did not immediately explain why they believe the calf was born with unusual fur, visitors can now see it. The calf is already 6 feet tall and is thriving under the care of its attentive mother and the zoo’s expert staff, officials said.

The zoo plans to launch a Facebook contest to name the spotless giraffe. Brights Zoo is located in Limestone, approximately 137 km northeast of Knoxville, Tenn.

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