6 Jobs That Will Emerge Thanks to AI and the Skills We Will Need

6 Jobs That Will Emerge Thanks to AI and the Skills We Will Need

Various studies indicate that Artificial Intelligence is not only destroying jobs but also creating new employment opportunities, according to Elena Ibáñez, CEO of Singularity Experts, a startup specializing in career counseling.

What experts think about jobs and AI

6 Jobs That Will Emerge Thanks to AI and the Skills We Will Need

According to the expert, the key question is not where job opportunities are heading, but in which areas we should train ourselves within our professions to take advantage of the opportunities that AI is generating.

According to Francisco Scaserra, Technology Leader in Argentina for the recruitment company Michael Page, AI is not here to destroy jobs but to transform them, allowing basic tasks to be handled by AI while humans focus on higher-value tasks.

It is a mistake to believe that AI is only relevant in Silicon Valley and large tech companies, as its influence extends far beyond.

Even the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations Department was looking for an AI and Machine Learning expert last year, and the UN Interregional Institute for Research on Crime and Justice operates an AI and Robotics Center.

Despite concerns about AI, some experts see a more optimistic outlook. According to the World Economic Forum, while automation may displace some jobs, it will also create millions of new job positions.

Gilbert F. Houngbo, Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), emphasizes that AI is unstoppable, and technological advancements often generate more jobs than they destroy.

Janine Berg, an economist at the ILO, also highlights that AI does not mean the end of work but the incorporation of technology to improve labor efficiency.

New Positions

6 Jobs That Will Emerge Thanks to AI and the Skills We Will Need

AI is already present in our lives, and it is essential to feel comfortable with it. It is not necessary to study programming, but it is important to understand that employers will look for people who use AI as a tool to be more productive.

Additionally, in Latin America, there are appropriate study centers and training programs to meet market demands.

Below are some emerging jobs in the AI field:

Prompt Engineer

This professional designs instructions for AI tools, enabling more precise communication. Skills such as critical thinking and data analysis are required, and experience in programming and machine learning is often requested.

AI Researcher

Their task is to identify ways to use AI to solve organizational problems. Skills in mathematics, statistics, and data analysis are required, along with soft skills such as emotional intelligence and critical thinking.

Natural Language

Processing Expert This professional masters linguistic models and assists in natural language processing in software development. Studies in philology, linguistics, or similar areas are usually required, along with knowledge of natural language processing.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Expert Manages software systems that automate repetitive tasks in companies. Training includes bachelor’s degrees in programming and specializations related to RPA.

Algorithm Auditor

Reviews algorithms for biases that may discriminate based on gender, race, or age. Requires technical knowledge and an ethical understanding of how algorithms affect people.

Ethics and Law Specialist with AI Knowledge

Helps ensure that the use of AI is ethical and complies with laws. Combines knowledge of commercial and criminal law with an understanding of AI and cybersecurity.

This legal field is expanding as AI continues to develop, raising new questions about intellectual property, privacy, and ethics in its use.

Artificial Intelligence is generating new employment opportunities in various fields. Training in these areas will be crucial in this new era where new jobs will begin to emerge and others will evolve.

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