Worm moon to light up the sky this week

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A ‘worm moon’ will rise on the night of March 7. This coincides with various festivals and holidays around the world.

Cultural, Religious Value of the Full March Worm Moon

The Almanac has dubbed this full moon as the Worm Moon because of the worms that begin to surface after the ground melts in the northern hemisphere.

However, for Europeans, the full moon is known to be the Lenten moon, as it comes after the fasting period before Easter. Live Science reports that this full worm moon also coincides with the Jewish holiday known as Purim, which commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people from attempts to kill the Jews in ancient Persia.

For Hindus, this worm moon will mark the Holi festival, which is a celebration of the Hindu god Radha Krishna and victory over evil. During this event, bonfires are lit and revelers sprinkle each other with water or colored powder.

When it comes to Buddhism, this worm moon is the full moon of the third lunar month. This is the time of celebration of MÄ gha PÅ”jÄ in Sri Lanka, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. Such a festival commemorates a historic gathering of Buddhist disciples.

When to detect the full worm moon

According to Forbes, viewers across Europe will be able to witness the perfect alignment of the sun and moon. While some astronomers warn that the night of the full moon is not the most optimal time to view it, there is something missing here. For those who want to see the mountains and craters of the moon, it would be best to view the moon with a small telescope or a pair of binoculars when the moon is partially illuminated. However, the terminator, which is the line that differentiates light from dark areas, is where the long shadows of mountains and craters can be seen.

Live Science reports that the full worm moon will be at its peak at 7:40 am EST. According to EarthSky, the moon will appear full during the days after and prior to this official full moon.

Full moons occur when both the sun and the moon are on opposite sides of the earth. With the day side of the moon facing the earth fully, the entire disk of the moon appears round and bright.

After this full worm moon, the next full moon will take place on April 5. It is also sometimes referred to as the “Pink Moon,” reflecting the pink wildflowers that begin to bloom during this time of year throughout North America.

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