Snake quickly regrets attempting to eat a porcupine

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This video shows a snake that tried to eat a porcupine and quickly regretted its choice. Although the incident apparently occurred in Brazil, it is unknown whether the porcupine survived.

It’s important to note that porcupines have a very effective defense system, as their quills are very sharp and can inflict significant damage to any attacking animal, including snakes.

Generally, snakes that feed on porcupines are large and have teeth and jaws strong enough to penetrate the porcupine’s quills. Some of these snakes include the reticulated python, the African rock python, and the boa constrictor. Although these snakes are capable of eating porcupines, it is important to note that this is not a common diet for them and that porcupines have a very effective defense system that makes them a challenging prey.

In the video, the boa constrictor can be seen in obvious discomfort after its failed attempt to eat the porcupine. We hope that the person who recorded this footage was able to get help for the boa in the end.

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