Making a Sandwich from Scratch Could Cost You $1,500 and Take 6 Months

Making a Sandwich from Scratch Could Cost You $1,500 and Take 6 Months

Many times, we believe that if we grow our own food, it would be much more economical than buying everything from the supermarket. Well, perhaps we should think twice because a YouTuber conducted that experiment and made a sandwich from scratch… and it took 6 months and cost $1,500.

YouTube content creator Andy George decided to explore the process of making everyday items that we often take for granted. Through his channel, “How To Make Everything“, he meticulously documented the making of a “simple” chicken sandwich, and the result was very different from what we might have expected.

A Sandwich from Scratch Is Much More Expensive

Making a Sandwich from Scratch Could Cost You $1,500 and Take 6 Months

Andy George is known for his curiosity in discovering the origins of common objects and products. In this particular project, he set out to create each of the sandwich ingredients from scratch, from planting seeds in a community garden to grow vegetables, to extracting honey from a local bee farm, milking a cow for butter and cheese, and processing wheat to make bread.

Although the video documenting this entire process is a few years old, it is titled “How to Make a $1,500 Sandwich in 6 Months” and has accumulated over 6 million views on YouTube.

Throughout the project, Andy faced several challenges. One of the most difficult was obtaining salt, as he had to travel from his hometown, Minneapolis, to the Pacific Ocean to collect saltwater and then process it. He also mentioned that one of the hardest ingredients to make was mayonnaise.

Raising Awareness

Making a Sandwich from Scratch Could Cost You $1,500 and Take 6 Months

In an interview with ABC News, Andy George shared his motivation for undertaking this project. Initially, his channel “How To Make Everything” started as a documentary but evolved into a series due to his interest in exploring the world from a new and unique perspective.

His main goal is to raise awareness about the laborious process and effort required to manufacture seemingly simple products, like a sandwich. George hopes that by showing the behind-the-scenes of everyday item production, viewers can gain a deeper appreciation for the complexity and time invested in each of the things we use.

Similarly, Andy George has also showcased the process of making coffee and chocolate from scratch through a journey he made to Mexico. He raised funds to continue his project and showcase the manufacturing process of other products and items we use in our daily lives.

It’s truly fascinating to see the entire process a person must go through to prepare a simple chicken sandwich from scratch. Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge the hard work of the workers who make our lives much simpler.

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