PETA president plans to donate her flesh for sizzling post-death human barbecue

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) President Ingrid Newkirk said she updated her will to include a request for her flesh to be donated for a “human barbecue,” according to a Monday announcement.

“Flesh is flesh, and mine is given, not taken,” Newkirk said. “[T]he thought of carving up human flesh for steaks might be just the thing to jolt diners into kindness.”

The request detailed a desire for her flesh to be “Carve[d] out and sear some of her flesh to fry up with onions for a human barbecue.” The will also asked for her body parts to be shipped off to various individuals and groups.

PETA, the world’s largest animal rights organization, said, “the will ensures that even after her demise, Newkirk will continue to help animals and honors her commitment that ‘my body be used in a manner that draws attention to needless animal suffering and exploitation.’”

Peta president Ingrid Newkirk updates her will to distribute her body parts for animal rights awareness.

“Newkirk’s bodily bequests will inspire animal advocates while also encouraging everyone still slumbering in speciesism to wake up,” PETA continued. Speciesism is the belief that all other animal species are inferior to humans.

Newkirk requests that her skin be peeled off and used to make leather goods, such as a belt and purse.

The PETA leader wanted her eye to be shipped to the National Institutes of Health for funding experiments on animals, and for her foot to be made into an umbrella stand as is done for elephants.

“As a child, Newkirk saw many elephant-foot umbrella stands—as well as tiger rugs and other atrocities created from the remains of animals—in Delhi. May this be a reminder of the needless depravity of killing innocent animals, such as elephants, so that their body parts can be used by speciesist humans for unnecessary household items and decorations,” PETA’s statement continued. “You can be dead sure that Newkirk will keep leaping ahead of the Grim Reaper with gusto and that her legacy of defiance will always shine fresh light on new ways to end speciesism.”

Other requests included sending body parts to Elon Musk and global leaders.

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