NASA is about to make an announcement on UFOs

NASA is about to unveil the findings of a major report on UFOs, officially known as “anomalous unidentified phenomena” (UAP).

The briefing will be held at NASA headquarters in Washington DC and will be broadcast live to the public.

The briefing is the result of an independent study group commissioned by NASA in 2022, consisting of 16 scientific, aeronautical and data experts and led by astrophysicist David Spergel.

Its goal is to examine UAPs from a scientific perspective and create a roadmap for better understanding them.

The report, which will be published online, is not expected to contain evidence for extraterrestrial life, but it could propose new protocols for collecting data on UAP observations.

National security concerns are increasing interest in UAP sightings, as they may be related to experimental aircraft or other unidentified objects.

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