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Have you ever considered learning Chinese but felt overwhelmed by the number of characters and tones? If so, you are not alone. Chinese is one of the most difficult languages for speakers of other languages to learn, but it is also one of the most important in terms of job and business opportunities.

If you want to learn Chinese from scratch in an effective and practical way, this Basic Chinese course on Coursera is an excellent option. This specialization is designed for people who have no previous knowledge of the language and who want to learn it in an accessible and simple way.

Chinese Course

Taught by Arizona State University, this specialized program takes approximately 7 months to complete, and it is recommended to dedicate 3 hours per week to its study. In addition, the program offers flexible delivery dates to accommodate participants’ availability.

This course is completely online, which means that it is not necessary to attend in person. Participants can access course content, such as lessons, readings and assignments, at any time and from any mobile device.

The course is led by Senior Global Educator Emilia Gracia and Kim Chamberlin, and upon completion, participants are guaranteed to be able to use common greetings, participate in basic conversations, give directions and more.

There are 4 courses in this Specialized Program

In the specialized “Basic Chinese” program on Coursera, students can access four different courses, each with its own focus and learning objectives. The four courses are listed below:

Basic Chinese Course 1: How to Make a Positive First Impression”.

This is the first course of the program and aims to introduce students to the Chinese language. Students will learn basic concepts such as the Pinyin alphabet, numbers, greetings, how to introduce themselves and common words and phrases. Cultural topics related to family and tastes will also be covered. Students are advised not to skip this course, as the following courses build on the knowledge acquired in this one.

Basic Chinese Course 2: Social Etiquette in Business”.

In this course, students will learn to use the appropriate language in professional situations. The information learned in the previous course will be reviewed before delving into vocabulary and phrases related to college degrees, jobs, professional titles, and job responsibilities. It will also teach how to make telephone appointments.

Basic Chinese Course 3: Business Travel”.

This is the last course of the program and focuses on the language used during a trip to China. Students will learn how to order food at a restaurant, give directions to a cab driver, check into a hotel and more. Since the information learned in the previous courses is integrated into this one, it is recommended that students complete the first two courses before taking this one.

Basic Chinese Course 4 Final Project: – Business language and culture”.

The final project of the program consists of a series of videos with dialogues that demonstrate students’ skills, including the use of conversational phrases and vocabulary learned in each module. Students will write the two parts of the conversation, recite them on their videos and submit a phonetic transcription of the dialogues used. Videos will be evaluated by peer review, and each student will evaluate another student’s final project to receive credit for his or her own. A rubric will be used to provide qualitative feedback to students.

Here you can see the course.

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