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Free French Course: Learn to Speak in an Easy and Fun Way

Learning French can open up endless opportunities for you in the workplace and in your personal life. This language is spoken by more than 300 million people worldwide and is one of the official languages of the UN, the European Union and the International Red Cross, among other international organizations.

free French course

In addition, France is the sixth largest economy in the world and French is one of the most sought-after languages by multinational companies. Learning French will not only allow you to communicate with people from different cultures, but will also help you improve your critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities.

In the Étudier en France: French Intermediate course B1-B2″ course offered by Coursera, students can gain valuable information about studying in one of the world’s leading higher education nations. This course is designed for those who wish to study in France and want to know the tools necessary to do so successfully.

This course is taught by Professor Julie André, Professor Olivier Bertrand and Professor Isabelle Schaffner, from the Department of Languages and Cultures of the Polytechnic Institute of Paris (École Polytechnique), and lasts approximately 46 hours over 6 weeks.

This course is designed for students with an advanced level of French, as the videos, texts in multiple formats, short film excerpts, assignments and activities are in French.

  1. Arrival in France – Week 1
  2. Adaptation to life in France – Week 2
  3. Become a French student – Week 3
  4. Class attendance – Week 4
  5. Communication and integration – Week 5
  6. Living in France – Week 6

This course offers two modalities: the listener modality, which is completely free of charge, and the certified modality, which provides access to course materials, graded assignments, and a certificate with curricular value. Learn French in an authentic way and gain a deeper understanding of French culture!

In summary, the “Étudier en France” course is an excellent option for international students who wish to study in one of the world’s leading higher education nations. This course covers all the important topics students need to know before studying in France and is taught by professionals experienced in helping international students succeed in their educational experience in France.

See course here.

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