Electric Cars: Advantages and Disadvantages. Are They Suitable for Latin America?

Electric Cars: Advantages and Disadvantages. Are They Suitable for Latin America?

Electric cars have begun to be seen more frequently in Latin America. However, being newer than their gasoline counterparts, many users still lack knowledge about these vehicles.

Given the large number of manufacturers who have opted to create electric cars, it is necessary to understand what their advantages and disadvantages are. Don’t close yourself to the idea and discover this new form of transportation.

Advantages of Electric Cars

Electric Cars: Advantages and Disadvantages. Are They Suitable for Latin America?

For those seeking an alternative that is low-maintenance and more economical than gasoline, electric cars can be the perfect option. However, there are ‘extra’ responsibilities that need to be taken into account and, depending on your own judgment, will help you choose one over the other.

Lower ongoing costs

When it comes to costs, recharging an electric car is much cheaper in the long run compared to gasoline. Especially when considering the fact that it can be charged at home, in addition to obtaining tax benefits for installing a garage with solar power or using solar panels for electricity.

Reducing the carbon footprint

According to the EPA, a traditional vehicle with a range of 22 miles per gallon of gasoline emits 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. However, electric cars emit zero tons of CO2 or other greenhouse gases, making them environmentally friendly.

In addition to this, charging electric cars with renewable energy, such as solar, ensures that no CO2 is emitted at any stage of the vehicle’s use.

Reduced maintenance needs

The mechanical engine has numerous parts, including pumps, valves, gears, as well as fluids that need to be changed. Electric cars don’t have any of that.

Since electric vehicles don’t have as many components that need frequent replacement, their maintenance is lower. Additionally, they are much more durable as they experience less wear and tear.

High-quality performance

As they don’t have an exhaust system, electric vehicles are known for operating smoothly and quietly. Electric SUVs and crossovers are quieter than conventional engines, reducing sound pollution and providing a quieter driving experience.

Moreover, electric motors have better response than mechanical engines, providing more torque and agility during driving. They also operate more efficiently and use less energy in traffic.

More convenience for electric cars in Mexico

In Mexico, many people believe that electric cars are inconvenient because charging stations are scarce in the country. However, the option to charge electric models at home is a great advantage, and more charging stations are appearing every week.

Tesla models and other brands already have many stations across the country. Additionally, some new models have voice-enabled systems, so you only need to ask where the nearest station is.

Disadvantages of Electric Cars

Electric Cars: Advantages and Disadvantages. Are They Suitable for Latin America?

But not all are advantages and, like any transportation system, they also have some downsides that need consideration.

Finding charging stations can be a challenge

As mentioned in the previous point, charging stations, although increasing, are still not sufficient. If traveling through rural areas, it’s practically impossible to locate one. Therefore, it’s best to use electric vehicles in urban areas while this situation changes.

Charging can take some time

Filling a gas tank takes a few minutes, but charging an electric car usually takes some time, especially if the battery is completely empty.

It can take up to two days to fully charge a battery pack using standard power outlets, depending on the car type and battery size. Even the fastest charging stations take up to 30 minutes to reach 80%.

Limited practicality

The driving range of a gasoline car is much longer than that of an electric car, ranging from 100 to 400 miles depending on the brand. This could be a problem if planning a long trip.

High initial costs

Although it is much cheaper in the long run, the initial prices of most electric cars are higher than those of gasoline vehicles.

Battery packs can be costly to replace

Generally, battery packs require minimal maintenance, but it should not be surprising if they need complete replacement at some point. These replacements often come with high costs.

Now that we know the pros and cons of electric cars, we will be able to choose what suits us best. However, we should be aware that traditional companies like Volvo and GM are focusing on creating electric vehicles, believing that they will become the norm in a few years.

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