Doctors extract 1.2 meter snake from a woman’s throat in a shocking video

New fear unlocked…a video from Russia shows a woman lying on an operating table as doctors work to remove a snake from her throat.

In 2020, the incident was first reported. According to a British media outlet, a Russian woman in the Republic of Dagestan started feeling unwell, so she went to her local doctor. Once she arrived at the hospital, the staff put her under general anesthesia to further investigate the problem. The team of medical professionals was stunned by what they found.

The horror of the situation is evident on the nurse’s face as she jumps for a few seconds before grabbing the snake with her nervous hands and placing it in the medical container.

It has not been possible to determine how long the snake was inside the woman’s body and whether or not she is still alive. The type of snake that was inside his body remains unknown.

Some internet users argue that it was not a snake, but a parasite. Others joined the discussion pointing out that the intruder was too big for that explanation. Others wondered how the woman slept through the grisly situation. I wonder how anyone can sleep so soundly to get a snake in your mouth.

Locals say such incidents are rare as senior citizens advise people not to sleep outside, as the woman did, due to the risk of snakes entering their mouths.

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