Cancer cases increase worldwide in children under 50 years of age

New research shows a 79% increase in new cancer cases globally among individuals under 50 over the past three decades, likely due to lifestyle factors.

Breast cancer accounted for the highest number of early-onset cases in this age group in 2019. However, cancers of the windpipe and prostate have risen the fastest since 1990.

The cancers leading to the highest death toll and compromising health the most among younger adults in 2019 were breast, windpipe, lung, bowel, and stomach cancers.

Lifestyle factors such as diets high in red meat and salt, low in fruit and milk, alcohol consumption, and tobacco use, as well as physical inactivity, excess weight, and high blood-sugar levels, are contributory factors.

The study emphasizes the need for prevention, early detection measures, and optimal treatment strategies for early-onset cancers. Genetic factors are also likely to play a role.

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