7 Websites to take FREE medical courses and with certification

In these pages you will have at your disposal a wide variety of medical courses totally FREE and certified upon completion.

Public Health Virtual Campus

It is a public health virtual classroom created by PAHO and WHO, these courses are free access, you can complete them at your own pace without defined times and autonomously.




Campusi IntramedIntraMed is a portal for the medical community, offering a variety of medical and health information.

Here you can find several courses that you can take and are certified.




This is focused on the general public who want to learn more about their body and also get a certificate with curricular value.




These are courses for doctors, those who give classes are medical specialists in different areas, to get your certificate you need to take an exam and pass it with 80%, the best thing is that because they are sponsored they are totally free.



EdX Medicine

Here you will have at your disposal a wide variety of courses with certificate upon completion.



National Institute of Continuing Medical Education

You can find a wide variety of free courses for all levels.




It has courses on many topics that can help you both as a student and as a professional.


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